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Installation method of the active room
Nov 22, 2018

Activity Board room and build building similar, will be around and partition foundation leveling, preferably with reinforced concrete, can also choose 24 wall bricks, relatively strong; then the column, with transverse beam will be connected to the skeleton, on the diaphragm, exterior wall plate and door window frame; then install the floor purlin, install stairs, lay the floor, and then put up a layer, Then on the roof frame and roof plate, the final installation of doors and windows, etc., pull vertical support. There are sanitary ware ah, small hardware and so on.

In fact, this is light steel structure, and heavy steel structure plant is very similar

Activity Room hidden project refers to the construction process, after the completion of the previous process, will be covered by the next process, all completed after the inspection of the site, do room decoration,  "hidden Project " is the key, if  "hidden project " Did not do a good job, the surface decoration is beautiful, is also futile.  "Hidden project " Can be divided into water installation, electrical installation and moisture-proof, waterproof and other items. Each of these projects can not be ignored, if any link out of the problem, can bring serious economic losses, and even harm to personal safety.

Waterproofing engineering construction technology and material identification, to avoid unnecessary economic loss and injury.

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