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Activity Room Structural Parts
Nov 22, 2018

1, roof frame, purlin, girder using 40 angle steel and part of 50 grooves to assemble and weld composition, small secondary beam using 40 steel angle to spell t type.

2, corner column, middle column using groove steel and Angle steel column composition.

3, floor board using solid calcium silicate plate, Specifications: 1500mmx750mmx40mm. 

4, wall plate for calcium silicate plate, Specifications: 1500mmx2700mmx30mm.

5, roofing tile has two kinds:

(1): No nail type waterproof, heat insulation, fireproof composite plate. (2): The use of color steel plate pressure type slope tile, 840 type, around the sealing plate (red, green, yellow, blue four so for the user to choose).

Colored Steel Activity Room

6, internal and external wall coatings, so steel structure room components paint. 

7, door with ordinary wooden door with luxurious ball head lock, window for push-pull plastic steel window, a room 2 windows.Plastic Steel window Specification: 1460mmx900mm.

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