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The composition of bicycles
Nov 22, 2018

1.the body part: including Frame, fork, handlebar, saddle and front fork, etc., are the main body of the bicycle.The transmission part includes pedal, crank, sprocket, chain, middle shaft and flywheel, etc., by the human pedal pedal, through the above transmission parts to drive the wheel rotation, drive forward.

2.the action part: that is, front and rear wheels, including front and rear shaft components, spokes, rims (ring), tires and so on. devices: including brakes (brakes), headlights, bell, reflective devices and so on. Depending on your needs, you can also add accessories such as brackets, hangers, bumper forks, fenders, cylinders, etc.In addition, sports vehicles, racing cars, mountain bikes and so on equipped with variable speed mechanism are also equipped with variable speed controller and front and rear dial chain.

4.hands and feet of the composition of the two-power bicycle: In the traditional bicycle frame added an alloy made of a box, the box contains a variety of transmission parts, through the interaction of force, so as to achieve double power of hands and feet, simple push and pull the action, so as to achieve the use of handlebars can let the car forward, not only labor saving.

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