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Features of colored steel plate room
Nov 22, 2018

Color steel plate Room has a long service life and a wide range of application. Light weight, good stability, easy installation, convenient transportation. Can be frequently disassembled and other characteristics. Suitable for buildings, railways, highways, bridges, water conservancy, electricity, oil, tourism and troops and other units of housing; its house seal strict, insulation, structure waterproof, moisture resistance, fire beauty, solid stability, arbitrary addition and reduction, random spacing, color diversity and other excellent performance to meet the needs of different customers. Its main products are: Double slope series, single slope series, hoisting series, special-shaped House series, double-decker housing series and other different types. Wall materials have color steel composite plate, fiber composite plate and so on.

The main structure of the product is frame disassembly type, frame hoisting type and assembling type structure.

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