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Metal structure Manufacturing
Nov 22, 2018

Refers to the production activities of metal components, metal component parts, construction steel products and similar products with metals such as iron, steel or aluminum as the main materials.

These products can be transported and easily assembled, installed or erected (for example, by a construction enterprise on a construction site).

◇ includes:

-Metal structures and components for construction: Metal roofs, metal roof frames, metal columns, etc.;

-Metal bridge structure and bridge parts, tower, iron frame, metal pillar, metal girder, mine mouth metal frame, sluice and wharf and other metal components;

-Metallic moving houses;

-metal pillars and similar products for steel scaffolding, metal formwork or pit support;

-Machined metal plates, metal rods, metal profiles, metal profiles, metal tubes and similar products and their component parts used in the above structural bodies.

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