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Advantages of container Moving rooms
Nov 22, 2018

First, convenient transportation, especially suitable for the frequent replacement of construction points of the unit;

Second, rugged and durable, all composed of steel, with a strong seismic, anti-deformation capacity;

Third, good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process so that this kind of activity room has a very good water tightness; Four, the activity room based on the standard steel chassis, can be derived from a lot of combination space. such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets and so on.

The standard width is 2.4 meters, the height is 2.2 meters, the length is 4 meters to 12 meters. Five, easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and firm, good shockproof performance, waterproof fire and anti-corrosion, light weight.

Housing for the overall structure, there is a frame, the wall for the color steel composite board, can be the overall migration, service life of more than 20 years, suitable for duty rooms, security room, shops, etc.

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