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Advantages of disassembled and removable mobile rooms
Nov 22, 2018

First, can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, the installation process only need simple tools.

The average person can install 20-30 square meters per day, six people only need two days to complete the 3K*4K standard activity Board building.

Second, universal standardization, can achieve industrial production. Third, can be inventory, can be used for multiple turnover, low loss rate.

It eliminates the need to build temporary office and living facilities for demolition in traditional building construction.

Iv. not subject to transport restrictions.

Five, according to the needs of customers, with standard modulus for space combination, the construction of any size of the building, small to kiosks, large to the hangar or a few floors of buildings. Six, environmental protection.

Do not need to use a large number of bricks, linoleum, cotton tile and other materials, will not leave a large number of construction waste pollution of the environment.

Seven, light steel structure are anti-corrosion spray paint treatment, normal service life of more than 10 years, the average annual use cost is significantly lower than other materials built of similar houses. Eight, the overall beautiful appearance of the house, bright color, soft texture, flat surface, with a good decorative effect. Flexible layout, doors and windows can be set in any position, indoor partition can be set on any transverse axis. Stairs are set outdoors.

The structure is waterproof, the house adopts the structure waterproofing design, does not need to do any other waterproofing treatment.

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