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Color Steel Plate Room performance
Nov 22, 2018

1, color steel plate through the adhesive steel plate and polystyrene bonded rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different materials, so that the moving room has a good fire resistance and insulation and soundproofing performance.

2, the active room all components using factory standardization prefabricated production, not only easy to install, disassemble, at the same time through the free addition, reduction, change doors, windows, partition location to enrich the layout of the active board room and the functionality of the house.

3, moving room parts materials to achieve recycling, components galvanized, can be used for 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any construction waste. 

4, the complete disassembly of moving room parts makes the house easy to transport, saving costs.

5, the steel structure system makes the moving house house has the excellent ability to resist 86.4km/h wind speed; lightweight active board room structure makes the house show good wholeness when it encounters the earthquake disaster which is stronger than 7 degrees of earthquake fortification intensity.

6, high-rise activity room using cold curved thin-walled light steel structure system, wall, roof coated with color steel composite sandwich panel.

7, the large slope of the active housing surface using a structure waterproof design, enhance the air tightness, water tightness of the house.

8, the Activity Room light quality, easy to install, 6 skilled workers can install 200㎡ house one day.

9, the Activity Room factory, according to the actual application, choose to add ceiling, disassembly ground, disassembly and eaves, color steel doors and other accessories.

10, active board room for environmental adaptability, easy to install on site, can be a large number of economic, low-cost temporary office, accommodation and other uses.

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