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Material Classification Of Flower Racks
Nov 22, 2018

Flower racks commonly used building materials are: 

1, bamboo wood: simple, natural, inexpensive, easy to process, but poor durability. Bamboo is limited to strength and section size, beam and column spacing should not be too large. 

2, Reinforced concrete: can be watered into various shapes according to the design requirements, can also be made into prefabricated components, on-site installation, flexible and diverse, durable, the most widely used. 

3, Stone: thick and durable, but inconvenient transportation, commonly used block material as a flower frame column.

4, Metal Materials: lightweight and easy to make, component section and self-weight are small, the use of attention should be paid to the area used and the selection of climbing plant species, so as not to burn the tender foliage, and should often paint maintenance, to prevent paint corrosion.

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