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Development Of The Source Of The Activity Room
Nov 22, 2018

The activity rooms first sprang up in the United States and can be traced back to early car and electric road trips.

It comes from a travel trailer-a small unit with wheels that is often used for camping. The emergence of this type of house is due to the need for home mobility.

The house was initially sold mainly to groups with uncertain places of life, working life was mobile and fixed houses were not very suitable for them. Since the 1950s, this House has been promoted to affordable housing, built and placed in one place for a long time, and even permanently installed with stony foundations. Previously, the width of the housing unit was 8 feet or less, but in 1956, 10 feet (3 meters) wide housing was introduced along with the new term  "Activity room ". This activity room is rectangular and made of spray-painted aluminum plates, rather than the streamlined shape of the travel trailer, usually assembled and then painted.

This helps to distinguish between active houses and travel trailers. In the 50 's, the activity room began to prevail in Europe, and then in the 60 's began to develop to Canada, Japan and other developed countries.

The activity room entered China in the 60 's, the earliest when mainly used for temporary housing, with the development of products, the activity room is gradually used in offices, kiosks, warehouses and so on.

2000 years later, the real estate industry began to develop rapidly, the opportunity for the development of the activity Room appeared.

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