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Color Steel Room Product Introduction
Nov 22, 2018

The new space structure-metal Arch Corrugated Roofing technology (YT6118 type, YJ3011 type, span: 6-30m) has the advantages of large span ability, light weight, fast construction speed, waterproof and leak-free, long use cycle and so on. Its outstanding characteristics are to adapt to the non-supporting span of 6-42m, suitable for warehouses, workshops, factories, exhibition halls, breeding plants, auditoriums, libraries, classrooms, reporting halls, stylistic venues, bazaars, residential and so on. Because of light weight, short design and construction cycle, especially suitable for all kinds of housing plus layers and old room transformation.

Metal roof molding technology to the construction industry and machinery automation perfect combination, so that its roof construction simplification, metal roof molding, with machinery, on-site production and installation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency, fast construction speed, highly favored by architects.

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